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  The "CHINPLAS 2016", which Is considered the first in Asia, the world's second rubber industry, has ushered in a historic Thirtieth Show April 25, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and in April 28 achieved a satisfactory end.

Over the past thirty years ahead, together with China, "CHINAPLA" has developed into a two-way platform, not only showing the imported products, but also becoming an important platform for China's exports of machinery and equipment. Attracting more than 150 countries and regions each year from overseas visitors, the total number of visitors to about 30%, which shows the international status of the show.

Exhibition area over 240,000 square meters, up to 3323 exhibitors, while Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other 14 countries and regional organizations to participate in a huge line-up pavilions.

The theme of the General Assembly set up as many as 16, displaying rich content, including "Automation Technology Zone", "composite materials and special zone" and "recycling science and technology zone" were shown in Shanghai. The latest, most complete solution, as well as the scientific and technological innovation and research and development of various rubber intelligent automated production equipment and systems, industrial robotics, functional polymer materials, advanced composite materials, recycling of plastic in CHINAPLA in this the international stage one by one.

In plastic welding and cutting, and other aspects of ultrasound it plays an important role, so we can find the show everywhere ultrasonic applications in these areas. Ultrasonic technology, as a high-end technology, has gone deep into the various sectors. Ultrasonic sewage treatment, pharmaceutical packaging, petrochemicals and molecular particles have a significant effect. In the scene we can see a brand new welding machine stands in the Showcase, showing the arrival of the era of ultrasound. Our professional technical and sales staff enthusiastic to customers from around the world explaining how their excellent quality and variety of performance are more and more recognized. Watch this space for buyers and sellers will witness a new miracle brought about by ultrasound.

Thirtieth CHINAPLA show us a more professional and international image, to our industry brings will be a new impetus and stand.

Thanksgiving for you, handing forward together, seeing you in CHINAPLA2017 Guangzhou !

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