Main points for transducer assemble

2018-02-28 13:36:48

Main points for transducer assemble

Ultrasonic transducer assemble has many important points, the proper technology, excellent glue to ensure that the installation of a solid, will not fall off.
   Ultrasonic transducer main note:
   1) The choice of ultrasonic transducer for curing shrinkage and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion can reduce the bonding force of the vibrator and the bonding reliability of the vibrator.
Ultrasonic debridement transducer

   2) bonding surface using sand blasting process to increase the specific surface area, to increase the bonding strength effect;
   3) The adhesive surface is cleaned with acetone, anhydrous alcohol and other solvents.
   4) ultrasonic transducer implant nail bonding process, the nail-pin vertical correction is very important.
   5) Adhesive curing, prestressed load size and consistency of value control is very important.
   6) The ultrasonic transducer establishes the process of impedance control in the gluing process to reduce the adhesive impedance of the transducer and improve the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency of the transducer.
   7) The ultrasonic transducer establishes the gluing impedance test process after the glue curing, and improves the energy load uniformity of each group of vibrators.
   8) vibrator electrode wire flexibility, high reliability, welding and insulation strengthening measures taken is very important.
   9) Oscillator Installation Insulation test after wiring is very important.
   10) hot water (40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃) state debugging machine, and a reasonable control of the temperature of the machine, it is recommended below 80 ℃ conditions.

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