Installation, debugging and trouble shooting of ultrasonic cutting system

2018-08-24 14:44:43

Ultrasonic cutting system installation and commissioning:

1. Regularly check the tightness of the transducer, the booster and the cutting blade and the tightness of the clamping point (one week);

2. Verify the power of the empty load. If it is larger than 15%, the system should be inspected (connected, tightened, clamped);

3. Press the TEST button periodically to check;

4. When the cutting rubber is burred and not smooth, the cutting speed  should be reduced or the cutting angle should be adjusted; when the cutting rubber is burnt, smoke, increase the speed, adjust the cutting angle or reduce the gain;

5. When any part of the system is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the entire system;

6. The cutting blade is recommended to cool;

7. Regularly clean the cutting knives to prevent excessive sticking;

8. When cutting, it is forbidden to touch the tip of the knife with your fingers.

The common faults and solutions for ultrasonic cutting system:

No ultrasonic waves

1. Check the line and activate the signal plug.

2 Whether the start signal relay in the control cabinet works normally;

3 Whether the transducer is normal;

4 Whether the power generator is normal (there are 3 fuses outside the power generator, there are 2 fuses inside, use the multimeter to measure whether it burns out, usually it is because the fuse is burnt out);

5 amplitude modulators and cutting knives are generally not easily damaged.

The cutting knife does not move

1 Whether the limit has a signal;

2 Whether the cutting knife sets the speed;

3 Observe whether the inverter has a frequency output.

How to solve the burr and charring after cutting the rubber

1. If cutting rubber produce burrs, please reduce the cutting speed or adjust the angle;

2. If cutting rubber produce charring or smoke, please increase the speed or adjust the angle, reduce the gain (generally need special tools to adjust the gain).

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