Important knowledge of ultrasonic transducer

2018-02-28 11:23:58

Important knowledge of ultrasonic transducer

First, the ultrasonic transducer Introduction

    Ultrasonic transducer, the English name for Ultrasonictransducer, is a high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy conversion devices. It is often used in ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic welding machines, trichloride machines, gas cameras and other equipment, in agriculture, industry, life, transportation, military, medical and other fields have been widely used.


Second, the ultrasonic transducer structure

    Ultrasound transducer mainly includes shell, acoustic window (matching layer), piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer, backing, lead-out cable, Cymbal array receiver and so on. Among them, the piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer plays the role and the same general transducer, mainly for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic; and above the piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer Cymbal array receiver, mainly by Cables, Cymbal transducers, metal rings and rubber gaskets are used as ultrasonic receivers to receive Doppler back-off signals generated outside the band of the piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer.


Third, the principle of ultrasonic transducer

    Ultrasonic transducer, in fact, is the same frequency and resonant frequency of the piezoelectric ceramic, the use of the material's piezoelectric effect of electrical energy into mechanical vibration. Under normal circumstances, the first ultrasonic generator generates ultrasonic waves, the ultrasonic transducer to convert it to mechanical vibration, and then by the ultrasonic device, the ultrasonic receiver can generate ultrasonic.


Fourth, the application of ultrasonic transducer

    (1) ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic cleaning fluid in the continuous transmission to clean the dirt on the object, the ultrasonic vibration frequency is determined by the ultrasonic transducer, according to the cleaning to set a different frequency to achieve cleaning the goal of.

    (2) The ultrasonic welding machine uses the ultrasonic transducer to generate the ultrasonic vibration, the friction generates the friction so that the welding zone partially melts and then joins together.

    (3) The ultrasonic motor does not contain an ultrasonic transducer, only the stator is approximated as a transducer, the ultrasonic vibration is generated by the inverse piezoelectric effect, and the rotor is rotated by the friction between the stator and the rotor.

(4) Ultrasound to lose weight Uses the ultrasonic transducer to produce the mechanical vibration, the fat cell is broken and excreted, then achieves the effect of losing weight.


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