40Khz Portable Ultrasonic knife for 0.01~3mm cutting PC foils

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40Khz Portable Ultrasonic knife for 0.01~0.3mm cutting PC foils

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1 Set


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Foam case

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In 7 Working Days 

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Supply Ability:

100 Sets/Month


Quick Detail:

Ultrasonic kinfe for cutting and trimming materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth, leather, plastics, carbon fiber pre-preg.

High precision cutting, compound unchanged

Easy to apply to automation

Clean cutting surface, bonding performance

Fast speed, high efficiency, no pollution

Smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling



Ultrasonic Cutting Machine is a class of device using ultrasonic energy for cutting. Instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has its advantages of smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc. It can avoid the rough cutting-edge, coked edge, fuzzballs and other shortcomings of laser cutting machine.



  • Compact Design

    The handle, oscillator, foot switch, cord, and other components all fit into a compact aluminum case. This makes it easy to carry and easy to store. The handle is light and easy to grip,enhancing operating ease.

  • Clean Cut

    The tip of the blade generates 22,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second during cutting.

    However, the operator does not feel any vibration as the cutter accurately follows the cut line and effortlessly produces a clean, even cut.

  • Easy Operation

    Simply turn on the switch and begin cutting. No other adjustments are necessary.Even a first-time operator can use it with ease.

  • Safe And Economical

    Oscillation of the blade is turned on or off by the foot switch. This means that booth hands can be used for safe cutting control. And the responsive switch helps conserve electrical power, boosting economical operation.



EXAMPLES OF USE (time will depend on specific material. Values in the table are just for reference)

Time to cut 3cm By Ultrasonic cutter Standard Cutter
Material Thickness Time(Seconds) Material Thickness Time (Seconds)
Plastic Model 1 mm 2



1.5 mm 8
Plastic Model 3 mm 4


Suede type
2 mm 16
Acrylic 1 mm 4


1 mm 2
Acrylic 5 mm 15



3 mm 4
PVC 1 mm 1



5 mm 6
PVC 10 mm 7

Rubber CR


1 mm 3
Polypropylene 0.5 mm 2

Rubber CR


3 mm 3
Teflon Tube 1 mm 2

Rubber CR


5 mm 11
Duracon 5 mm 2

Butyl Rubber

10 mm 5
Cardboard 5 mm 2

Rubber NR

*Natural Rubber)
1 mm 2
Ice Cube 2 mm 2

Rubber NR

(Natural Rubber)

8 mm 4





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