30Khz Ultrasonic Nebulizer Device for liquid and solid sprayer with Extend Booster

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1 Set


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Foam case

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In 7 Working Days 

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100 Sets/Month





Atomization humidification, chemical mixing, production, spray drying granulation, paint spraying, metal milling and so on. The advantage is that it can atomize various kinds of liquid and it has Large atomizing volume, energy-saving, environmental protection. It has no plug, no abrasion.




Model HS-N60 HS-N50A HS-N50B HS-N50C HS-N40 HS-N30 HS-N20 HS-N15
Frequency 60KHz 50KHz 50KHz 50KHz 40KHz 30KHz 20 KHz 15 KHz
Atomization Volume 0.5L/H 2 L/H 2 L/H 2 L/H 10 L/H 70 L/H 100 L/H 150 L/H
Average Particle Diameter of Fog 20um 28um 28um 28um 32um 39um 51um 62um
Power Consumption 0.01 Degrees/Kg 0.001 Degrees/Kg
Atomization Head Structure Cylindrical Horn
Power 30W 30 W 30 W 30 W 60 W 100 W 300 W 500 W
The Application of Atomizing Media

Ordinary water, a variety of liquid substances, chemical liquid,

a variety of oil mucus, metal melt and so on


Competitive Advantage:


★ A major breakthrough in spray technology, you can spray a variety of liquids.
★ Low power consumption, the fog of great energy saving.
★ No plug, no abrasion, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.
★ Can be any combination to meet the requirements of the spray volume.
★ The use of high-performance titanium and stainless steel.

Ultrasonic nebulizer
ultrasonic nebulizer

ultrasonic nebulizer

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